Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Agnello all 'Arabia

Ok... so it's been a while! New year... new blog post and new blog resolutions - so let's see how I get on! Let's start things off with Arabian lamb - Agnello all 'Arabia. Wow what a fab recipe. It was full of flavour and so easy to knock up with ingredients from your pantry. The best recipes always are I say!

After browning everything off, I added the stock and put it in the oven - then promptly forgot about it for about 2 hours. When I finally remembered it... the onions were slightly caramelised but this was NOT a problem! It was awesome. I served it with steamed broccoli and buttered carrots. A perfect winter warmer.

From left: my messy prep; and the finished lamb.

"These are a few of my favourite things"
  • Find similar measuring cups, which look like little dishes, from Anthropologie. I broke one the other day and cried.
  • My tile (just seen) is from Tiger - now open on Tottenham Court Road which is a bit exciting for all of you who don't live in the sticks!
  • My tagine (which I didn't cook it in - but you could) I picked up in Morocco an age ago. It's great but too small. So that means I must take a trip back for another one... don't you think?
  • I cooked the lamb in my most amazing slow cooker (not pictured) I just used the pot part cause this goes on the stove AND into the oven.

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