Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Risotto ai topinambur

I got some weird looking potatoes in my Abel & Cole vege box this week - turns out they were Jerusalem artichokes! So having never cooked one before, I turned to my Silver Spoon cookbook and found a Jerusalem artichoke risotto recipe. 

I don't mean to brag... but I cook a mean risotto. My mum once told me that she never orders risotto at a restaurant, cause mine is always better! Ok I'm now officially bragging. 

I hadn't followed a risotto recipe in years, and this one differed slightly. You cook the onion in plenty of butter, then add the sliced artichokes, and some stock. You let the artichokes cook in the stock and when cooked, you mash them. Then you add the rice to soak up the liquid - and keep adding stock as per usual. Slightly different, but still worked really well.

Best part is, L ate it without complaining (he's not a risotto fan... neither is my Dad - they both call it 'mushy rice'!) so all in all, I'd consider this a win.

The risotto master at work

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