Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cappesante in salsa di zafferano

Scallops in saffron sauce

So I think i kind of messed this one up a bit. A couple of reasons... 

1. I'm assuming that these scallops are poached, but after I'd simmered the wine for 10 minutes there was no liquid left!
2. The sauce didn't look nearly as lovely as it did in the picture (think I had the heat too high - so the carrot coloured up a bit and in turn coloured the sauce).

and finally

3. L didn't like it at all.

Oh dear!

But still I thought it tasted really lovely. Scallops were soft and plump, sauce - although brown and slighly weird looking - was creamy and went well with the scallops. And who would have thought to put carrots with scallops?!

So here it is... complete with jazzy pictures taken on a Cannon G11 borrowed from a lovely friend - thanks H!

Scallops in saffron sauce

Simmering the liquid


I cheated here and added a bit more wine... which also cooked off!

The finished product

And there we have it - my first Silver Spoon fail - ah well!

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