Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pastella per crêpes, Crêpes ai funghi and Crêpes al proscuitto e fontina

Nothing for who knows how long, then three recipes at once! Well cheating a little... translated this is just a basic crêpe recipe and two types of crêpes. 

Crêpe batter, Crêpes ai funghi and Ham and fontina crêpes to be exact!

Thought I'd get one more post in before I have to pack away the Silver Spoon for the big move... but I may potentially be kitchen-less for a while - here's hoping it's not for too long!

These were full on - batter for crêpes, ingredients for crêpes, cooking of ingredients for crêpes, cooking the actual crêpes, making a Bechamel sauce, filling and rolling the crêpes, then finally baking the whole lot! Totally. Worth. It.

First up: crêpe batter 


Mushroom filling

Cooking soooo many crêpes - started out thick, and got thinner as I got more confident!

The finished product - so cheesy and gorgeous!

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