Monday, 16 January 2012

Panna cotta caramellata

What a disastrous attempt at this Caramelized panna cotta! I was rushed, I curdled the cream mix, my caramel seized and I burnt myself! The recipe said it served 4, so I doubled the quantity - for the 8 people I was cooking for - it would have served about 20! 

Luckily though, after making a new caramel and much whisking of the cream (when it said "fold") it looked half decent and I got it in the oven.

So much for an elegant, refined dessert!

And in the end it did turn out onto plates ok... but not ok enough to take a picture for my blog! I'm embarrassed! 

The cream mixture and the doomed caramel

In the oven... hoping for the best!

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