Sunday, 2 September 2012

Ossibuchi con piselli

So I planned to do an amazing barbecue this weekend for my dear friend who was flying in from Oz... the weather was meant to be sunny and 24. But this is England, and it wasn't sunny, and it wasn't 24.

Instead, in summer, I resorted to a wintery stew. Only in England.

On the plus side, we have an amazing new butcher (find them on twitter who gave me some great ideas for non-barbecue related dinners. 

So here is my slightly altered Silver Spoon recipe of Osso Buco with peas. Slightly altered being: I used beef, instead of veal, red, instead of white wine, frozen instead of fresh peas and added a random yellow thing (which I think was zuccini/courgette), just to use it up!

Recipe ingredients used differ slightly from the ingredients stated in the recipe...

After eight hours slow cooking (well I did go to the hairdressers, then the pub!)
No complaints, it went down very well.

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