Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mini supplî di riso con mozzarella

Cheesy croquettes... not such a healthy start to 2013 also not something I'd normally  cook. But when the book opened to it, and I had all the ingredients, I figured why not put off my diet another day!

So, mini rice croquettes with mozzarella, not as hard as I thought - ha! They started out easy enough but then I wondered if 250g of uncooked rice could possibly be a bit too much (think the recipe might have meant 250g cooked rice). Then onced mixed the assembly was very messy, and I ended up only rolling half (still a dinner plate full), and just cooking these. 

In the end - yummy! Not sure I'd rush to do them again - but they were tasty and I can imagine with half the rice, would be a bit easier to handle.

Ingredients ready to go... so far so good

Getting messy...


Ready to eat

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