Saturday, 27 April 2013

Marmellata d'arance

My dear Nanna G made the best apricot jam ever. She would get a new jar out specially for us three city girls when we came to visit the farm - and there wasn't much left after we were done! So I've been making jam. I've done a few batches now, so thought I was ready to branch out and try orange marmalade.

I'm not a marmalade fan... but my baby sister, D, LOVES marmalade - even though she thinks it makes you old (read her hilarious blog post here). It was slightly different from making jam, you don't add any water cause the oranges are juicy enough.

So here goes...

Peeling all the oranges... and I only did half quantity!

All sliced and ready to cook

Not sure my peel was 'finely sliced' but I gave it a good go!


After sterilizing, I was ready to put the marmalade into jars

Looking good

The finished prouduct

I delivered a jar to D - so perhaps she could give a verdict below in the comments?

And when apricot season comes around, I will do a comparison between Nanna G's jam... and the Silver Spoon's version... anyone know when apricot season is in the UK? Let me know!

"These are a few of my favourite things"
  • My gorgeous kitsch tray is a souvenir from our last snowboarding trip to Chamonix, where we found the cutest restaurant/cafe/bar called The Kitsch Inn when I asked if I could buy the tray our breakfast was served on, they sent us to Bungalow Graphics 
  • Wooden chopping board is from Habitat and they have a really similar one here 
  • Floral tea towel is from H&M a few years ago - but they have gorgeous styles all the time
And finally, thanks to D for all her jar collecting!

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  1. I finally cracked open my jar on the weekend and was intrigued to try one of my favourite old-people foods. I must admit I was slightly hesitant because it looked very bitty. I was pleasantly surprised to find the peel was really soft and the taste was deliciously orange-y. I really, really liked it which shouldn't come as a shock cause J rarely has kitchen disasters. Well, unless you count those mystery freezer soups ;-) Very much recommend giving this recipe a try. Yum! x


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