Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sorbetto al kiwi

I'm on a wheat and dairy-free diet at the moment... and weekends are the hardest for me. With friends coming round and trips to our local foodie markets I am having to be really creative with what I'm eating and cooking. I wasn't planning on doing a blog post, but as I was having a cooking-spree this Saturday I thought I'd take a peek inside the Silver Spoon. I happened to get kiwi fruits in my Abel and Cole box this week that hadn't been eaten, so when I spotted a recipe for kiwi sorbet a blog post was born.

Simple, almost healthy ingredients!
Making a mess

Pureeing the fruit

Kiwi brick

Summer sun calls for sorbet

The recipe calls for an icecream maker, which I don't have. I seemed to remember old recipes stating that if you didn't have one, to whisk your mixture with a fork a few times while it was freezing. I did this... but it didn't exactly work! The sorbet, whilst really yummy, is rock solid. So to scoop it out, I softened it a little, then scraped it out and as I was scraping, shaped it into scoop shapes!

I'm off to have a bowl now!

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