Monday, 13 June 2011

Insalata di peperoni e farro

Or Pepper and farro salad (capsicum and farro salad for us Aussies)

Farro?... I'd never heard of it! So I googled it, then hoped that my gourmet shop around the corner would know what I was on about when I asked for it! The woman there assured me that it was simply spelt – so taking her word for it (?!) I took the "farro" home and off I went.

Lots of boiling (the farro) and chopping (the peppers/capsicums) later I had a very colourful looking bowl full of salad.

Recipe number 2

Lots of chopping ahead

And lots of oil

All done
A surprisingly yummy recipe for such simple ingredients. I've decided I'll be making it for Christmas this year in place of Mum's tabouli - sorry Mum!

And comments would be - just a touch less olive oil and to chop the pepper (capsicum) strips in half - but besides that it's pretty much perfect!

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