Saturday, 4 June 2011

Uova affogate ai carciofi

Or translated: Poached eggs with artichoke hearts

So this is my first attempt at a recipe out of this huge encyclopaedia of a book. I decided last week that I'd flick the pages, randomly picking a recipe to cook once a week. Luckily for me, my finger landed on a relatively easy one to start with. I was a little scared of the artichokes though so off I went to Borough market with two friends - both of who had much more artichoke knowledge than me! I also got a few strange looks on the tube ride home as they were in a clear carrier bag!

The very first recipe!


Artichokes before

The fuzzy stuff

The artichoke carnage... after a quick youtube tutorial

Not quite like the picture...

...but It was edible!

A few notes

So all in all a success! My notes for next time are: A little less artichoke and also less panchetta (it made it very salty), perhaps an extra egg each and L said "more sauce"!

Til next week...

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