Monday, 27 June 2011

Zuppa di pane e lenticchie

That sounds so posh! Translated it is Bread and lentil soup! 

So I have to admit, I cheated this week. We're (hopefully) moving house soon so my very bossy baby sister told me I wasn't allowed buy any weird ingredients for my recipes. So I dug down the very back of my pantry, found some lentils and scoured the Silver Spoon for a good recipe.

I promise after we move, I'll be back to randomly choosing recipes and when friends come over - I'm making the dinner party recipes - can't WAIT! Bring on the new kitchen for lots of Silver Spoon adventures!

So, back to Bread and Lentil soup...

Recipe number 3

Lentil soup boiling... and boiling... and boiling

The egg bread - oh so good

Ladeling soup onto the egg bread

The finished product

So a super simple but super yummy soup with extra naughty egg bread on the side (and underneath!). Needs lots of pepper but besides that, hearty and yummy. Will definitely be making this and freezing for lazy winter evenings.

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  1. I'm not THAT bossy, I'm sensible!

    I like your blog : )


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